Thursday, October 8, 2009

Canics Revamping web site

Canics is in the process of revamping our web site and work should be completed by months end. The purpose is to provide an easier RFQ process online as well as a more user friendly navigation experience. We will also auto populate the searched electronic component, electronic part or connector part number into our datasheet search, part search and 'quick quote' forms.
As we only provide pricing on a 'request basis', users must enter their company info and part number as well as quantity of the part required.
There are several ways of doing this: you can use the 'quick quote' section at, e-mail us, call us at 1-450-447-6700, or by entering your details in the 'request quote' section of the part search results page.
Initially when you look up a part number on any of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Lycos, Live, and MSN, and that Canics is advertising this part, the part number is then automatically entered into our database upon clicking our link and the page you will see is the part search result page showing the different quantities of the item available or in stock at Canics.
Now that you found a source that can supply you the part you need, You can contact us immediatly using any of the above mentioned methods.


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