Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Professional Associations

What is the added value of working with a Company who is member of certain Professional Associations?
As an example, Canics is member of BBB and ERAI. The BBB (Better Business Bureau), is world reknown for providing customers with the capability of verifying a vendors credibility prior to doing business with them. This ensures that the company with whom you wish to do business with is legitimate, clear of complaints and in good standing.
The ERAI (Electronic Resellers Association International) provides an investigative eye on the electronic industry, providing such information as the BBB along with a centralised database of submitted counterfeit and substandard parts as well as companys which have been reported for fraudulent activity.

With this information, Canics is empowered to verify that the part you wish to purchase is not a 'high risk' part and not sourced from a reported company thus providing our end customers with a greater degree of assurance. This being said, no one is 100% immune to the electronic component 'black market' and Canics does offer a full waranty for all parts we ship.

Canics, Inc. is an independant distributor of electronic components supplying quality parts to our customers satisfaction.

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